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Bedtime Stories 2

It wasn’t tricky to decide that The Forest Book of Bedtime Stories needed a Second Coming.  When we last decided to pluck from our writers the grubbiest offerings they had to reveal, the anthology was something of a success.  In fact, it became our first publication to sell out, revealing we’re not the only ones who tend to devour filth with fervour.

Accordingly, this Valentine’s Day we have a whole new selection of smut to shower you in.  These are the ones which made us gasp and grin and giggle, which clawed away the covers and showed us that you too have reason to blush.

Again: take your desires in hand and indulge…

Excerpt from Alan Gillespie’s “Kick the Kitten”:

“This is the game. They can kick, punch, and abuse me. One at a time only. And nothing underneath my underwear.

I must not react. That’s the nub of it. That’s what they pay me for. They admire it when I don’t cry and howl but it annoys them too. And the more annoyed they get, the less likely I am to react. That’s what they’ve brought me here for. That’s why they’re paying me obscenely. They want me to scream, weep, beg on my knees. That would end it all. I could go home then and sleep it off; they’d be filled with adrenaline and supremacy. But it would mean letting them win. They look at one another; exhilarated, frustrated, desperation rising. The host picks up a wicker chair and breaks it like matchwood across my back.”

Paperback: 40 pages
Published: 14 February 2011
Author: Multiple Authors (see below)
Genre: Mixed (Fiction, Poetry, Art)
Cover: “Nightwear” by Michael Stewart, additional elements from Ericka Duffy and Jason Harrison Morton
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1907811081

Amount: £3 + P&P

Deep Inside:

  • Alan Gillespie, Kick the Kitten
  • Kirsty Logan, Pierced
  • Sabrina Mahfouz, The Gravy Train
  • Nicole Louise Reid, Ice Cream
  • Claire Askew, Gulls
  • J. Bradley, Bury Me With It
  • Mairi Campbell-Jack, Skin
  • Danielle Mantia, Necro
  • Rubyyy Jones, Futuuure Lover
  • Alice Tarbuck, In the Museum
  • Katie Craig, To Her Master