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Katie Craig

Last year, for the June edition of the Forest Chapbook Series, we worked with the University of Edinburgh Creative Writing MSc programme, highlighting one poetry and one fiction writer, and produced a separate chapbook for each.

We continue this tradition this year in Volume 2 of our series, with Katie Craig representing new fiction coming out of the University of Edinburgh Creative Writing programme.

Katie Craig, Chicks Dig Scars
Cover by Ericka Duffy
June 2010

Amount: £2 + P&P


I will never pull hair from a plug-hole without thinking of the ovarian cyst Celia had. It was made entirely out of hair and teeth – apparently that’s what cells find it easiest to mutate into.

“Did you see it?” She’s been out of hospital for two days but I’m just back. From a week-long training course in Leamington Spa of all God-awful places. The longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in years.  I’ve felt lurching and dizzy, seasick on land with the worry.