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Lynsey May

Lynsey May, It Starts So Sweetly
Artwork and direction by Finlay Cramb
August 2010

Amount: £2 + P&P

A love story, a lament and something inbetween; It Starts So Sweetly spans the highs and lows of love. Starting with innocent fumbling, speeding through seedy encounters and ending with the unconditional, these stories mix a little Scottish sweetness with a splash of inherent bleakness.

Excerpt from “A Taste”:

“Your arms were cool against my legs but I could feel the scurry of your heart. Your ribs dug into my knees and I steeled myself before pushing you back a fraction with one hand, letting my knees fall outwards so that you could be lowered closer. And you let me, and you were not like anyone who’d been this close before and not at all the way I imagined, and the buzzing in my head was so loud I didn’t know why you froze. Until I heard my mum shouting hello from the hall as she laid down crinkling plastic bags of shopping. We embarked on a struggle that was secretly delicious and then you were on the other end of the bed again.”

About the Author:

Lynsey lives, loves and writes in Edinburgh.