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Forest DIY Artisan’s Handbook


‘How to…Make a Krasholed Kaleidoscope’
Adam and Johanna Bedřich

‘How to…French Knit a Winter Neck-warmer’
Ailsa Mair Hughes

‘How to…Be Pretty Creative’

‘How to…Play Football with words’

‘How to…Make a Woolly Pom-pom’
Barbara Ittner

‘How to…Make a Cajon’
Ben Collins

‘How to…Setup Community Growing Spaces’
Caroline Kemp

‘How to…Make Seed Bombs’
Cornelia Altgård

‘How to…Create Music Together’
Danny Mullins

‘How to…Make Something Happen’
Dougald Hine

‘How to…Make a Sled Kite’
Julia White

‘How to…Create an Image’
Laura Davis

‘How to…Make Origami Balloon Lanterns’
Lena Takamori

‘How to…Write a song’
Lewis Mullen

‘How to…Make A Tussy Mussy’
Linda Elliot

‘How to…Make Your Own Vegetable Orchestra’
Lizzie Hurst

‘How to…Make Fabulous sourdough’
Manolia Vougioukalou

‘How to…Make Simple Lanterns’
Natasha Russell

‘How to… Make an Ember Bowl’
Natasha Russell

‘How to…Play with Words’
Pete Vere Simmons

‘How to…Become a storyteller’
Pete Vere Simmons

‘How to…Build Your Own Compost Bin’
ReMade in Edinburgh

‘How to…Learn some basic Qi Gong’
Rob Alsop

‘How to…Take Digital Photography for blind photographers’
Rosita Mckenzie

‘How to…Embrace the Creative Confusion’
Samantha Hayhurst

‘How to…Make Natural paints’
Sarah Bush

‘How to…Compose using Oumopo techniques’
Will Golding

Forest Publications is pleased to endorse the new Forest DIY Artisan’s Handbook, now available in the ForPub store. Please support the Forest by picking up a copy today!

This is a Collaborative Do-It-Yourself Handbook of Arts, Crafts and other activities made for and by those that use or support the Forest Cafe.

This book is about sharing the process of doing things. It is about celebrating the diverse range of unique arts, crafts and skills people have and ‘how to’ go about trying these out yourself. It is about disseminating this knowledge and encouraging others to, too. There are 28 different ‘how to’ guides contributed from a wide range of Forest folk and friends that make up the book, ranging from ‘How to Make a Cajon’ to ‘How to setup community growing spaces’.

The title ‘Leabhar Mòr Aos Dána’ means roughly ‘The Great Book of the People of the Arts’ (the bards, the poets, the druids, the musicians, the law-givers) in Gaelic. It is something like the literary collection of the works, arts and crafts of a particular age or generation of creators. We hope this collection acts as something like the great handbook of people of the arts connected with the Forest. We hope it might inspire further ‘How to’ Handbooks and a menu of arts and crafts activities along these lines in the Forest Cafe.

There was no pre-ordained structure or specific focus so whatever was received has been included and was contributed out of the kindness of those who wanted to support the ‘Save the Forest’ fundraising campaign in different ways. It is a handbook to use, to pass on, to delve into on Wednesdays, to cut up, edit and re-paste together, to drink tea with or to add your own and scribble all over.

For now, you can order a hard copy, but we hope to be able to have people download them in future to save on paper and printing which all helps give more money to support the Forest fundraising campaign.


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Product details

  • Title: A Forest DIY Artisan’s Handbook - Special Limited-Print project (75copies)
  • Author: Multiple authors
  • Pamphlet: 54 pages
  • Publisher: Forest Publications (April 2011)
  • Cover: Will Golding
  • Language: English
  • Amount: £6 + P&P (All proceeds go directly to the ‘Save the Forest’ fundraising campaign)

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