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Musician Bios


Jed Milroy ( is a fundamentalist nihilist.  Using music to spread his vacuous message, he hopes to eventually convince all humanity to cease to exist.  Having played lots of music, Jed continues to play lots of music with lots of people in lots of places and it makes him very happy.  He is also MD of the famous loft bed manufacturers ‘Jeds’ Beds.’

Billy Liar is an Edinburgh based punk singer-songwriter who takes inspiration from the punk energy of The Adverts, Oi Polloi, and the Sex Pistols and fuses it with melodies The Smiths and The Cure would be proud of.  The songs are stories of hope and hate, love and longing and falling out and falling down.  This is the truth.  This is Billy Liar.

Black Diamond Express covers “Minor Swing,” one of the signature tunes of the great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt who had one of the finest moustaches of all axemen, except maybe Hitler and Frank Zappa; and he burned his hand so he could play better.  Reinhardt was most famous for being late and smoking, and there was nothing he liked better than a late night card game, or drinking and jamming into the dawn with his pals.  Black Diamond Express heard Reinhardt always cheated on his wife, Naguine, while she was home with the kids (all six of ‘em) and spent lots of money on hats … these are some of the reasons Black Diamond Express love playing this song.

The Tuberians are: Martin Beer (Double Bass, Vocal Chorus), Kim Tebble (Accordion and Vocals), Adam Reid (Drums, Vocal Chorus), Julian Smith (Clarinet, Vocal Chorus), Allin Cottrell (Guitar) and James Chapman (Vocal Chorus).  (There’s a) Party on the Farm was written and composed by Kim Tebble.  The Tuberians are best known for their farm parties, for Tuberia nights and for Tents of Tuberia.

Uncle Beesly is Pete Macleod.  He has played bass with several Fence Records artists over the years, including Lone Pigeon, KT Tunstall and King Creosote.  He is currently playing with KC & also with the Pictish Trail.  He also plays electric guitar with Fence mavericks Gummi Bako.  He sometimes writes songs with big gaps in them for more talented artists to fill.

Big Marty plays bass and sings on the track “Perving on your Basslines,” which is about living above a drum and bass freak.  He performs at numerous Edinburgh clubs alone and with his band.

Possessing a genuine love of sound and synthesis, especially the abstract warmth created by the analogue synthesizers of yore, Pandacetamol‘s musical output ranges in style from twisted ambience to dark experimentation.  Creatively, they work under the philosophy that feeling some kind of emotion when listening to electronic music is imperative – be it nostalgia, melancholic serenity or pure unease.  Paul Alexander and Mark Rushbury created the Pandacetamol sound out of their respective bedroom studios and are constantly recording tracks.  Hurrah!

Conflict Diamonds are an amalgamation of all the things you wouldn’t discuss at the dinner table.  Tastinn like a perfect kiss and feeling like a solid kick in the pussy, their live performances have all the aggression of a Borstal disco smothered with the sleaze of a thousand lonely truck drivers.  Desperate to destroy him, singer and guitarist Pete Wylde fires jagged shards of sound towards drummer Kevin Murray, only to be machinegunned back by his robotic pounding and dutty bwoy beats.  Like the two sides of a dirty razor, they slit the throats of traditional genres and leave them gasping their last breaths on the beer-soaked dance floor.  Dripping with blood, sweat and Matte tea, they return to The Cave after every performance to pray for forgiveness from the God who cast them down from heaven to the purgatory sounds of Texan Disco Punk.  Available for all weddings and kids’ parties…

John Crave often sings about wheat.  He blasts out of open land into the future.  Out of the land of the Thundermist and into a private dimension of color and audio textures.  A sexxxy universe.

Dan Seizure makes noise.  Sometimes on his own.  Sometimes with other people like CMG.  Sometimes with other people in other places.  He was recently on tour with punk rock legends Oi Polloi.  Seizure says, “Sounds are for collecting.”

The Bluesfather is Roger Emmerson, Scots-born, who shares his time between Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh.  He’s been playing blues-based music since his time as a blues-harp player in the first UK blues revival in the 1960s when he featured in a number of Edinburgh blues bands.  In December 2004 he began playing regular live gigs again after a gap of 30 years.  He performs monthly on “Blues Wednesay” at the Forest.

JD Guthrie wrote the song “Barbara Allen & The Grapes of Wrath” which began whilst sitting on a sofa in the Forest Cafe.  It is a re-creation of the old folk ballad ‘Barbara Allen’, one of the best know folk songs of all time.  If you wish to get in touch, contact

The Gutbuckets are an old-school dirty blues band from the delta of Lothian.  They have grown, adding new members to create an even more hard-driving sound.  This track is a rare recording from an earlier incarnation featuring original band members Andy “Drivin’ Southpaw” Stockdale on guitar and vocals, and Robin “Hard Drugs” Hatfield on drums.  New members, not on this recording, include Lorrie “Gatemouth Gibson” on harmonica and vocals, and Andy “Bizarre Gardening Accident” Maine on bass.

The Green Man Bluegrass Boys formed outside the ladies “powder rooms” at the Greenman Festival in 2005.  These bluegrass boys have paid their dues counting Edinburgh’s own Lord Provost among their growing legion of fans.  This band is: Andy Mckay (banjo and banterous vocals), Jed Milroy (guitar), Ian Stoddy (washboard and whatever it takes) and Jack Richold (fiddle).

Ragland is an island of musical adventures, where musical adventurist and Crusoe-style castaway Gareth Warner has found himself shipwrecked, with only a guitar and some coconuts for company … Very occasionally he has been known to play on a stage around Edinburgh, and has played at the Forest Cafe a few times, including appearances at the Golden Hour.  Two albums have been released via Forest Records and more are promised in the coming year.

Formed in 2003 by Robin Von Blitz and Jake Miller, The Very pushed the limits of what a rock ‘n’ roll band based in the Scottish capital could do independently.  They played gigs in Greece and Norway, were courted by unhinged veteran producer of Joan Jett and KISS (Kim Fowley), and won national corporate awards.  They never signed a deal.

Danny Mullins is a classically trained pianist from the age of “a very small one”. He first picked up the guitar when he went to university at the age of eighteen and has struggled to put it down since.  He feels the same about playing drums/pots and pans/dancing/doing anything with rhythm.  Mullins used to play drums with The Graeme Mearns Band. “Sensitive Guy” was written and composed by Mullins.

Pockets and Fox live and create in Edinburgh.  They make sounds in many musical genres and also produce short, quirky films.

Les Enfant Bastard is Cammy Watt.  “Last Fucking Song” is taken from the album I Wish I Was a Dead Fast Car put out on the hippy label Umor-Rex as a free release.  He makes these songs with the same part of his head that gets dressed and eats breakfast.  He has been described as anti-folk and plays in other bands, such as The Love Gestures and Bell End Sebastian.  Download Bambi and I Wish I Was a Dead Fast Car for free at