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So, you want to perform at The Golden Hour?

That’s great! We are always interested in new writing and writers. At the moment we can not pay performers and can only occasionally cover travel expenses. That said, if you are interested – please read the below guidelines and send us some samples of your work.

The Golden Hour is on the penultimate Wednesday of every month. Slots are between 8 – 12 minutes.


The Golden Hour is not seeking mediocre, self indulgent, fluffy or pretentious writers of prose and poetry. We will not offer you a space just because we like you, find you funny, cute, nice or attractive. The Golden Hour is not seeking poetry or prose about peace, politics or the environment. We are not seeking any work that makes reference to 9/11, Fight Club, or any kind of reality television show. It is not a platform for issues. It does not care.

If you are still interested in performing then please send samples of good poetry and prose to us at and we’ll do our best to get back to you promptly. No more than 5 poems or one short story.

This Next One Goes Out To

Call for submissions - This Next One Goes Out ToFind out more about our next collection, which encompasses fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as multimedia contributions, at We are currently accepting submissions of all kinds through the project, but cruise on over to the dedicated site to get a feel for style guidelines.

Bedtime Stories: Second Coming

Once again, dear friends, we find ourselves at the darker and moister end of the year, and once again we are looking for some words and pictures to will keep us cosy. Last Christmas, we compiled Bedtime Stories, a compendium of unexpected encounters and debauched love affairs: an ill-fated seduction by an octopus; a homeless handjob on Sauchiehall Street; a brush with a ghost; an orgasm at the apocalypse. This year, we desire another inbox of smut for Bedtime Stories: Second Coming.

Stories (up to 3000 words), poems and drawings all desired – so please pass this on to anyone you consider a particular purveyor of filth. We request you favour the peculiar and perverse – reveal to us an itch we never knew needed scratching, but one that will worry away at us for quite some time.

Take note: it is not spelled “cum” and men do not possess a “member” and if you’re a straight boy writing about lesbians, you’d better have a damn good plot. Otherwise, we are surprisingly open.

Email submissions by November 15th to with the subject line – Bedtime Stories, your name, your title.