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The Last Golden Hour: Update

Here it is: the times for the last ever monthly Golden Hour at The Forest. Stay for the day and dance till the end. Or pop in for just an hour. Or stay out of our way. Whatever. We don’t care, this is the end. All times are subject to change, technical difficulties will be regular and you should expect and enjoy surprises. We’ll also have a poster exhibition and a chance to buy some of your favourite GH posters. See you there. Or not.

1.15 - Tom Pow
1.30 – Good music from Lake & Vanessa
1.50 – Reel Festivals Film from Roxanna Pope
2.10William Letford — poems from up high
2.25Toby Mottershead — blues and booze from the Black Diamond Conductor. Hoot hoot!
2.45 – film
3.00Emily Ballou — Prize-winning poet and ace in the hole.
3.15Billy Liar — acoustic punk glory
3.25Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien
A Sonic Reading for Luke’s highly praised first novel — The Echo Chamber
4.20Ericka Duffy — master of all.
4.35Cardboard Orchestra — live improvised electro from another room
5.10 – film
5.30Anna Crowe — powerful poems with a gentle voice.
6.00Robin Grey — guitar, violin, accordion, love, barefeet, joy, music, happiness.
6.40 – film
7.00Kirstin Innes — stories that wham, pow, bang.
7.15Jen and the Gents — Poppy loveliness which warms all the cold bits.
7.30 – film
DJ Dolphin boy — kicks into your eardrums
8.00John Glenday — poems like crazy shining diamonds
8.20 - Little Big Band — crooning toones! — an easy listening mash-up.
8.40 – cartoon
8.55Alan Bisset — His stories are all right. His hair is perfect.
9.10The Ghost of Joseph Seal — yes, haunting.
9.30 – cartoon
10.00Jane Flett — seamstress of most fetching stories and poems.
10.10 - Jonny Berliner — Joyous songs about crustaceans, exhaustion, and glucose.
11.30 Paper Cinema — A cast of hand-drawn marionettes are magically brought to life. This is what happens at the accidental meeting of inkblots, photocopies, cardboard, angle-poise lamps, the occasional table, video technology, a laptop and a banana box.
00.00Jason Morton — Or is he? Stories or Disaster. We never know.
00.15Jed Milroy and Hailey Beavis — bring us up and break us down. Shake it till you make it.
(the end)

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