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The Last Golden Hour!

24 August 2011 @ the Forest – 1pm – 3am — the LAST GOLDEN HOUR!

That’s right. After this marathon event, we’re going to all rest up and think about new ways to do what we love– mixing poetry, stories, cartoons, music, drunkeness and dancing. In the meantime — you’ll have this massive event to remember us by.

Featuring (make yourself comfortable): Tom PowJonny Berliner, William Letford, Emily BallouRobin GreyAnna CroweEricka DuffyKirstin InnesJohn GlendayThe Little Big BandAlan BissettThe Ghost of Joseph SealWaxPaper CinemaJason Morton and Dolphin Boy + much more including films byRoxana Pope and some special Reel Festivals gubbins.

You will want to buy a hamburger.


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